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OnCourse Connect Parent Portal

  • OnCourse Connect is a safe, secure way to view your child's school record for the current school year.  OnCourse Connect offers parents the opportunity to become more involved in their children's education. This new Parent Portal bridges the parent/teacher gap and increases awareness of a child's development. Parents/Guardians can monitor assignments, attendance, grades, progress and performance - all in real time. This feature is easy to use and secure.  From the Portal, you can access the following features:


             Your child or children's Report Cards

      Your child or children's daily attendance record

      Teacher Gradebook assignments and assignment grades for your child or children

               Your child or children's Marking Period Grades


             To access the Parent Portal, click here: https://hoboken.oncourseconnect.com/login and log in with the                      information you have been provided.

    A username and password is required.  OnCourse Connect creates all usernames and auto-generated passwords. Usernames begin with the first three letters of your last name followed by numbers.  Students have their own usernames and passwords, which are different from the username and password given to parents/guardians. 

    The first time you login using the auto-generated password, you will receive a prompt to create a new password of your choice.  Your new password is private, and the Hoboken Public Schools will not be able to view your new password. 

    If you do not have a username and password, the Main Office can help.  To request your OnCourse Connect parent/guardian and/or student login credentials, please email [email protected].

    If you have more than one child attending the Hoboken Public Schools, you will see a drop-down menu at the top-left of the screen.  From the drop-down menu, you can toggle between which child you are viewing.  Please login to verify that you are associated with all of the students for which you are the parent/guardian.  If you find any errors, or if you are missing students from your OnCourse Connect account, please contact [email protected].

           Please note: the updates you make for one child do not automatically apply to your other child(ren). For example,         if you have a new home phone number and update your contact information for one child, you will also need to               update the home phone number for your other child(ren). 

           It is extremely important to maintain updated contact information, demographic information, and                         emergency contacts.  All updates and/or changes are reviewed by the OnCourse Administrator.

    Click here to view a brief overview of the portal from OnCourse.(please note not all the same features are available in our deployment.)

    OnCourse Connect User Guide

    OnCourse Connect Mobile App

    Oncourse Forgotten Parent/Guardian Username and/or Password Guide


    Q: What is the address for the OnCourse Connect Parent Login?

    A: https://hoboken.oncourseconnect.com/login

    Q: How do I get an account for OnCourse Connect?

    A: If you are the guardian of a new student to the district, you can obtain your OnCourse Connect account using the Forgot Password feature located on the bottom of the login screen.

    Q: Every time I try to log into OnCourse Connect, I am asked to change my password.

    A: The system does NOT require you to change your password every time during login. This issue indicates that a step of the process is being done incorrectly (putting in your parent ID incorrectly or in the wrong place).

    Q: How do I update student or parent/guardian information during the school year?

    A: To change information for your student, Primary Guardians or Emergency Contacts, please log into OnCourse Connect with your parent/guardian ID. 

    Q: Can OnCourse Connect be translated to other languages?

    A: Yes, OnCourse Connect is compatible with Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/ or https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb?hl=en

    Q: I am using Internet Explorer to log onto OnCourse Connect and I am having issues.

    A: Please use Chrome or Firefox to log onto OnCourse Connect. Internet Explorer has known problems.

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